Build a Referral-Based Law Firm

145 pages of proven, use-them-today tips and tools
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Come For The Referral Partnerships

More referral relationships
with local attorneys

1. We build a list of local attorneys with complementary practices, and obtain your approval before reaching out to the prospective referral sources.

2. We begin contacting the local attorneys using a combination of phone and email, and schedule phone appointments each month for you with those attorneys who are interested in talking about a referral alliance.

3. After your call, we provide your prospective new referral source with access to some of our content, and brand the chosen pieces so you start the relationship off with a big give.

“I introduced myself to attorney ____ today as was set up by James and the phone call went well. I appreciate the call suggestions from my account manager — very helpful. We scheduled a lunch and he was most open to a referral alliance. Thanks for setting it up. Perhaps before we meet I could suggest he use one of your books or booklets.”
– Randy Sevenish, injury lawyer
Indianapolis, IN

More referral relationships
with allied professionals

1. We use the same list compilation, approval, and outreach techniques described above, but tailor them for non-attorney professionals who serve your prospective client base.

2. We prep you for your first calls with topics to cover and information to provide and obtain, and then check-in after the call to learn what we can provide to start the relationship on a positive note.

3. We keep you top-of-mind with your new referral sources by sending a series of helpful marketing information, consumer booklets they can use, and cross-referral tips.

“I had a consult this morning with a marriage counselor who received your letter and scheduled an appointment with me to talk referrals. He is sending a few prospective clients my way today.”
– Asa King, family lawyer
Little Rock, AR

More referral relationships
from past clients

1. We create a custom newsletter for you and every-other-month email it to your list, no matter how large.

2. In the intervening months, we email a link to a branded educational booklet with a request to share the link with anyone the information can help.

3. We periodically ask your past clients for reviews to boost your online reputation and feedback to help you improve your service delivery.

“I have always wanted to reach out to our past clients but I have never found the time needed to make it happen. Everything I have read about marketing says that your best source of business should be your past clients, and we never before took advantage of the large list we had.”
– Steven Schwartz, injury lawyer
Boston, MA

Stay For Everything Else

More clients
from your website

1. On your website we install a slide-in which offers a meaty collection of branded FAQs in exchange for contact information and answers to two qualifying questions.

2. The thank you page explains the benefits of a personal consultation and encourages the prospect to call.

3. The prospect next receives a lengthy series of educational emails, with links to informative booklets. Several of the emails suggest a personal consultation. All contain your contact information.

“We had a potential client who almost slipped away. He thought he could get it settled himself with the insurance company. He ignored several of our follow-up calls and emails and I was in the process of closing the case out of our pending client system. As a last thought, I sent him the James booklet about the pitfalls of working your own case and about insurance company tactics. The next day he called our office and signed the retainer.”
– Andrew Nissen, injury lawyer
Laguna Niguel, CA

Great content to
improve your
clients’ and partners’ experience

1. We brand a 100-300 page book with your name, photo, bio, and contact information, and provide you several print copies in addition to a digital version.

2. We brand our extensive collection of educational booklets with your name and contact information, and provide several print copies.

3. We also give you branded shock-and-awe packages, prospect nurturing series, new-client welcome kits, and new-client reassurance series.

“While the campaign is still new, the results are already starting to show. The newsletters and other publications have met with near-unanimous approval from our clients and networking partners.”
– John Stokes, injury lawyer
Gainesville, FL

Frequently-Asked Questions

Cost And Obligation

How much does the Referral System cost?

Our Referral System costs $595/month. Cancel anytime. If you cancel in the first 30 days, we will promptly refund your first payment with no questions asked.

How much does it cost for additional specialties?

Each added specialty costs another $200/month.

If I want additional hard copies of books and booklets, how much do they cost?

Beyond the free copies included with your subscription, extra printed books cost $6 each and printed booklets $5 each.

Do you require a long-term contract?

No. You may cancel at any time for any reason.

How much time will this program require from me?

The only work we ask is two-fold and optional: (1) review any pieces you want to check before we send them, and (2) respond to the requests from allied professionals and attorneys who want to speak with you before they begin sending referrals.


May I request changes in the various pieces of content?

Yes, we are happy to localize, personalize, or otherwise modify our content to suit your needs. For example, maybe you have a big win you want to feature in your newsletter. Perhaps you want to emphasize a state law requirement in one of the booklets, or even add a chapter to your 100-300 page book. We make all those changes for you at no charge.

Can I get exclusivity in my geographic area?

No. However, with all the customization required for each new Referral System, our small team can only add 1-2 law firms per week over 50 states and 8 specialties. The chances of overlap with a local competitor are low.


How soon does outreach begin?

Typically the initial pieces begin going out to past clients and other contacts in the first month, and to prospective professional referral sources in the second month.

Is there a limit to how many email addresses we can provide for the outreach series?

No. The more emails you provide, the more effective are our efforts.

Who are the authors of your printed material?

Our books and booklets are written by attorneys with many years of practice experience in the subject specialty, and have been edited by James attorney-editors with decades of law book editing experience.


How well does the system work?

Every month we will set an average of 2-3 phone appointments for you to discuss referral alliances with local attorneys and allied professionals. Before your first call we will provide topics to cover and talking points. After each successful call we will help cultivate the referral relationship with our content and reminders.

What do you need from me to achieve those results?

Ideally you will give us access to your digital calendar so we can set phone appointments you are available for. If that is not possible, we will need you to provide some blanket times you are likely available (e.g., Wednesdays 3-5 and Fridays 12-2).

Anything else?

We of course need you to make the calls to interested referral sources. Some of those prospective sources may want to visit your office or meet you for lunch or coffee. Local attorneys and allied professionals are not going to refer clients until they trust that you are competent and will take good care of their referrals.


Is your program Bar compliant?

Yes. No cross referrals are required by our professional referral source matchmaking efforts, and it is clearly noted on our videos that the speaker is not an employee of your firm. The Referral System is content-based and education-focused.

Dozens of Happy Subscribers

“I was a bit skeptical at first and asked lots of questions. I received prompt responses and lots of samples of booklets, books, thank you notes, personalized cards and great ideas to kick-start our referral campaign. Every question and concern was answered promptly and in detail. The promptness hooked me.

“We are now into our fifth month of this relationship. We are very satisfied. Our clients receive automated letters linked to an educational brochure related to our legal service and all mailings are branded with our office name, logo and contact information.

“Between each automated letter James creates an eye-catching newsletter with up-to-date articles related to specific questions or concerns in our field of expertise. The newsletter ends with a great recipe or some anecdote to lighten up the reading. We have received positive response and very few “unsubscribe” requests.

“James initiated referral alliances with non-competing professionals that will provide direct referrals, business-to-business, complementing our area of expertise. We have received several calls from interested business owners. Keeping these referral alliances in our community benefits everyone.”

Carla J. Roy
Cape Cod, MA | Bankruptcy

“We like the content of the program in addition to its simplicity. I really appreciate that we do not have to put the content together and then email it out. It has added an extra method of advertising for us without bogging us down with extra things to do.”

Andrew Traub
Austin, TX | Personal Injury


“I have always wanted to reach out to our past clients (around 20,000 people!) but I have never really found the time needed to make it happen. Everything I have read about marketing says that your best sources of business should be your past clients, and we really never took advantage of the large list we had.

Seeing that we wrote a book or a large FAQ paper shows the audience our expertise. I also find the people at James to be very responsive and wonderful to deal with.”

Steven Schwartz
Boston, MA | Personal Injury

Build a Referral-Based Law Firm

145 pages of proven, use-them-today tips and tools
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