Marketing Amplifier I



An automated and done-for-you program:

  • 100-300 page book. High-quality, fully-branded masterwork.
  • Content Sender. Automate your use of everything in our collection.
  • FAQ lead magnet. Engage and convert more of your website’s visitors.
  • Newsletter. Stay top-of-mind, connected, and referrable with past clients.
  • Nurturing series. Impress prospects who have yet to retain you.
  • Online mastermind. Communicate with and learn from like-minded marketers.
  • Reassurance series. Avoid buyer’s remorse from new clients.
  • Resource page. Answer prospect questions with quality booklets and videos.
  • Shock-and-awe. Wow your prospects and stand apart from your rivals.
  • Welcome kit. Make a strong first impression with your new clients.

Marketing Amplifier II



Everything in CONTENT, plus:

  • Account manager. Receive monthly video reports and obtain personalized assistance.
  • Custom creative. Need a new practice brochure? Blog post? Webinar slides?
  • Lead follow-up. We will call your best leads to set appointments.
  • Printed content. Hand your book, booklets, and newsletters to prospects.
  • Reviews. Grow your collection of positive online testimonials.
  • Social media. We distribute booklets, infographics, and videos from your sites.
  • New referral partners. We call local professionals on your behalf.
  • Referral partner cultivation. We regularly connect with calls, emails, and gifts.

If you cancel in the first 30 days, we will promptly refund your first payment with no questions asked.

Frequently-Asked Questions


How soon does outreach begin?

Typically the initial pieces begin going out to past clients and other contacts in the first month, and to prospective professional referral sources in the second month.

Is there a limit to how many email addresses we can provide for the outreach series?

No. The more emails you provide, the more effective are our efforts. We suggest including email addresses of past clients, current clients, prospective clients, and other trusted referral sources.

I already produce a newsletter in-house / work with a vendor. Can I also use yours?

Of course. We have many clients who use our newsletter to supplement a version that they already create.

In what specialties is the program currently offered?

Business Litigation
Criminal Defense & DUI/DWI
Estate Planning & Probate
Family Law
Personal Injury
Social Security Disability

Can I see samples of your consumer books and booklets?

I don’t have a past client email list, can I still participate in the program?

Certainly, but we highly recommend that you immediately start collecting and storing email addresses from your clients. Even a very small list can have a big impact. You must start somewhere.

Who are the authors of your printed material?

Our books and booklets are written by attorneys with many years of practice experience in the subject specialty, and have been edited by James attorney-editors with decades of law book editing experience. Our team of in-house attorney-editors is the same team who works on our legal books. We have been a legal book publisher for 38 years, and content is what we hang our hat on.

I practice in a small town without a lot of other attorneys or professionals. Will your program still work?

We have received results for firms all over the country. Though urban areas provide a larger pool of potential referral sources, smaller towns allow us to be more targeted in our outreach.

Do you help me stay top-of-mind with referral sources once they have inquired?

Yes. Once you or someone at your firm have an initial conversation with the interested referral source, we place them in an educational email drip campaign to remind them to send you referrals on an ongoing basis.

Do you add the referral webpage to my existing website or do you host it? Do I lose access if I cancel?

We build and host the landing pages to avoid relying on your developers to push the project through. If you cancel, you lose access. Many of our clients include a link to the referral webpage in the main navigation of their primary site, or redirect an existing page to it.

Do I have to use a tracking phone number? I don’t like those.

It’s certainly not required but it’s the best way for us to track the results of your program. We are very transparent about the progress of your Referral System and this phone number allows us to see what’s working and what’s not.

Will my email list be kept confidential?

Absolutely. We take this very seriously. Your email list will never be shared and will only be used to send educational materials on your behalf.

I already use a CRM / Practice Management System to communicate with clients and prospects. How will your program affect what I’m already doing?

Our program runs well alongside other systems and marketing initiatives. We will load your email list into our system and send past clients educational emails to help you stay top-of-mind. We will then provide you with monthly open and click-through reports, along with a list of unsubscribes and bounces so you can keep your own system up-to-date.

I already invest in SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing services. Why do I also need your program?

Our Referral System is a wonderful supplement to other marketing initiatives, rather than a replacement. We have found that law firms rarely have a coordinated system in place for generating referrals. That’s a massive hole in the marking puzzle that we are able to help you fill with our done-for-you method.

Effectiveness and Compliance

Does the system work? What do typical results look like?

Here are testimonials from our tribe of happy clients.

Only 5 weeks after we began her allied-professional outreach, our first family lawyer subscriber to the Referral System received 4 responses from local marriage counselors interested in referring cases to her. Now we are stepping up the caliber and helpfulness of our outreach to local attorneys and allied professionals with custom-created automated webinars, lead magnets, qualifying sales funnels, and nurturing series.

Can I speak with a couple of your current clients?

We are happy to provide contact info for references within your practice area.

Do you provide any ongoing reporting?

Yes. Each month your Customer Success Manager will send you a comprehensive report that outlines performance metrics, deliverables, and overall progress. We strive to be as transparent as possible. We are currently developing an all-in-one custom Client Portal that we hope to rollout late this year. The Portals will house your entire branded content library, recently added items, and real-time reporting stats.

Is your program Bar compliant?

Yes. No cross referrals are required by our professional referral source matchmaking efforts, and it is clearly noted on our videos that the speaker is not an employee of your firm. The Referral System is content-based and education-focused.

Customization and Exclusivity

May I request changes in the various pieces of content?

Yes, we are happy to localize, personalize, or otherwise modify our content to suit your needs. For example, maybe you have a big win you want to feature in your newsletter. Perhaps you want to emphasize a state law requirement in one of the booklets, or even add a chapter to your 100-300 page book. We make all those changes for you at no charge.

Can I get exclusivity in my geographic area?

At $495 per month, we cannot guarantee exclusivity. However, if we happen to sign another firm in your area, we will not be sending materials to the same lists. The referral source target lists we compile for you will be unique to your firm. In the long run, it does not make sense for you, or us, to send the materials to the same people.


How much does it cost for multiple specialties and can I start with all of them right away?

The base price of $595/month includes one specialty. Each additional specialty is an additional $200/month, so 2 specialties = $795/month, 3 specialties = $995/month, and so on. We highly recommend starting with one specialty, however. Let’s get some traction in one area and then add on from there.

Do you require a long-term contract?

No. You may cancel at any time for any reason.

If I want additional hard copies of books and booklets, how much do they cost?

Beyond the free copies included with your subscription, extra print materials may always be ordered at our cost. Exact pricing depends on quantity and type of item.

How much time will this program require from me?

The only work we ask is two-fold and optional: (1) review any pieces you want to check before we send them, and (2) respond to the requests from allied professionals and attorneys who want to speak with you before they begin sending referrals.

If I opt-out of specific elements of the program (newsletter, etc.), can you offer me a discounted rate?

Unfortunately, no. We have many fixed costs associated with delivering the Referral System so our price for one specialty is always $595. However, we are happy to offer you more of another element of your choosing.