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Can the Referral System send emails using my domain?

Due to nationwide delivery regulations, we are unable to send emails using our subscribers’ domains. This protects both your domain and ours so we can continue to implement automated email series designed to expand your firm’s communication to prospects and clients. These series are sent from a custom address we set up for you. All responses to materials sent from this custom address route directly to the personal inboxes of your choosing.

May I switch between specialties during the course of my Referral System program? I practice in more than one area and want to expand my reach.

While the Referral System can simultaneously run in more than one legal specialty, subscribers are not allowed to switch between multiple specialties. Our outreach efforts, branded content, email series, and other materials require work to configure and maintain. Switching specialties month-to-month will not be efficient for you or our team, but please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to run a dual-specialty program.

May I take your content with me if I cancel?

You may keep and circulate any remaining printed materials you received from us, but you may not reprint them because the content is copyrighted by James Publishing. Your right to use our digital content ceases upon cancellation.

How will my Customer Success Manager help me?

Your Customer Success Manager will be with you every step of the way as you proceed through the Referral System. They will learn about your firm, tailor the program to your preferences, strategize ways to improve overall effectiveness, and frequently touch base with you to deliver materials, updates, tips, and results. Your Customer Success Manager is available by both email and phone depending on your needs. The program will be more successful if you timely respond to messages from our team.

How do I use the book, booklets, and newsletters you have branded for me?

Your branded content library gives you an easy way to demonstrate your expertise during every phase of the client life cycle. To start, we recommend deploying relevant items to impress prospects and encourage them to retain you. Similarly, new clients can be reassured by receiving materials applicable to their case. Once a client’s matter has been resolved, send them your newsletter to keep your firm top-of-mind and encourage future referral business.

Some of the material in my branded content collection is not applicable to my state. May I customize it for my jurisdiction?

Our material has been written for a national audience and is therefore somewhat general. You are of course welcome to customize the content as you see fit.

How can I best utilize the printed materials you’ve provided to me?

Physical materials are a great way to impress your prospects and new clients. We encourage you to display Referral System items in your office, as seen below. This not only demonstrates your expertise in a tangible way, but encourages ongoing education throughout the client life cycle. An educated client is one that will make your job easier. Print copies of your book, booklets, and newsletters can also be given to potential referral partners to hand out to prospective referrals on your behalf.


Why should I install the FAQ popup and resource page on my website?

If you aren’t currently offering a lead magnet on your website, you are missing a valuable chance to turn your unknown web visitors into leads. Our FAQ popup and resource page fill this gap by offering practical, informative materials that answer common prospect questions. Both features ask a qualifying question to identify the best prospects and automatically send requested materials on your behalf. Additionally, our outreach team will telephone the most promising leads and encourage them to schedule a consultation with you. All prospects receive your branded shock-and-awe package and email nurturing series, as well. We encourage you to utilize these features to create more leads from your existing web traffic with no additional work on your part. Both can easily be installed by your web developer.

Can you help me improve my website?

We encourage you to utilize Referral System materials on your website by creating lead magnets that will (1) attract prospects and (2) convince them to leave their contact information for future follow-up efforts. Our FAQ popup and resource page can accomplish these goals with minimal work on behalf of you and your web developer. If you need marketing agency assistance with search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and general ongoing development, ask your Customer Success Manager to send you a free hard copy of our exhaustively-researched book, The Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Agencies. It is full of descriptions, tips, how-to guides, and case studies that can improve your site’s long-term effectiveness.

What is the shock-and-awe package and how can I best utilize it?

It is likely that your prospects have contacted several local attorneys and are deciding which firm to retain. Convince them to choose your practice by sending them our comprehensive digital collection containing your 100-300 page book, informative booklets, and a friendly cover letter. This immediately demonstrates your expertise, soothes prospect anxiety, and sets you apart from the competition. We can even turn the package into an interactive flipbook with video clips. Paired with our FAQ popup and resource page installed on your site, each web visitor requesting your materials will automatically receive the shock-and-awe package and an educational nurturing series to reduce your workload and improve your lead flow.

What is the nurturing email series?

Not all prospects are immediately ready to retain an attorney. We help you stay in touch with these potential clients during the decision-making process via our nurturing series, a collection of branded, educational emails that demonstrates your expertise, shows you are ready to help, and keeps you top-of-mind. These messages are automatically sent on your behalf and pair well with your Referral System’s shock-and-awe package. You may send email addresses of prospective clients to your Customer Success Manager for entry into the nurturing series.

What is the welcome kit and how can I best utilize it?

Legal matters are stressful for most laypeople, but you can get new clients started on the right path with a comprehensive welcome kit. We provide you an impressive collection branded in your name containing an explanatory cover letter, informative booklets, and 100-300 page book. The digital materials can also be turned into an interactive flipbook containing video clips. We recommend that all new clients receive the welcome kit and accompanying reassurance email series in order to strengthen the client relationship.

What is the reassurance email series?

New clients usually have pressing questions and can become even more anxious if there is a time lag between retainer and visible work product. Our reassurance series is designed to prevent frequent “What’s the status of my case?” calls to your office by keeping in touch with clients on your behalf. Our series answers common questions, provides guidance, and reassures clients that their matters are being handled and work is proceeding. The series runs automatically with no additional effort on your part. You may send email addresses of new clients to your Customer Success Manager for entry into the reassurance series.

Can you follow up with my leads for me?

Yes. In addition to delivering the shock-and-awe package and nurturing series designed for prospects, our friendly, professional outreach team will call any leads you designate, with no extra charges for a reasonable volume of calls. This is true whether or not the leads come from our FAQ popup, resource page, or other Referral System materials. We can also set appointments for you using a digital calendar we provide at no additional cost. If you do not currently have outreach efforts in place to quickly and courteously follow up with potential clients, our team is standing by to help.

Do you offer digital calendaring services?

Yes. Included in your Referral System subscription is access to Calendly, our digital calendaring service. It seamlessly connects to Google Calendar, iCalendar, and other popular calendar services. After connecting with your existing scheduling tool, our outreach team will then be able set appointments on your behalf with both potential referral partners and prospective clients. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. Timely, automated email reminders are sent to all parties advising them of upcoming appointments.

Do I have to use your provided tracking number on my Referral System materials?

No. The choice about our optional call tracking is entirely yours. However, we strongly recommend that you utilize our tracking service so we can properly report valuable metrics and show you how the program is working month-to-month. Even if you already have a tracking number set up at your firm, our number will provide you an additional layer of useful information.

Referral Partnerships

What types of potential referral partners will you be reaching out to on my behalf?

Referral partner outreach falls into two primary categories: (1) non-competitive attorneys and (2) allied professionals. Your legal specialty will dictate our preliminary cultivation of these potential partners. For example, bankruptcy attorneys might be able to form useful referral partnerships with family attorneys, as monetary strife can result in significant relationship issues. Similarly, estate planning attorneys are good candidates to connect with CPAs and financial planners, professionals who are not attorneys but deal with money on a day-to-day basis. You are welcome to direct our efforts in both cases; we are happy to tailor the referral partner outreach to your specifications.

May I request revisions to the prospect list of potential referral partners?

Absolutely. During the onboarding process, we will gather your preferences for our outreach efforts. This occurs before we generate your prospect list so the results are tailored to your needs. Upon completion of the list, you will have a chance to review the non-competitive attorneys and allied professionals we discovered in your geographic area. You are welcome to remove contacts you already know or do not want us to contact, add people you’ve been meaning to reach out to but have not had the time, and guide us in our cultivation efforts. If you don’t have any specific suggestions, we know which prospective partners are most likely to result in a referral partnership and will proceed accordingly. In either case, outreach begins only after you have approved your initial prospect list.

How does your outreach team set appointments with potential referral partners? What is said? Are any promises made?

Upon your approval of the initial prospect list, we begin calling your designated non-competitive attorneys and allied professionals. These introductory calls are brief and to the point. We introduce your firm and location, note that you are interested in discussing a potential referral partnership, and offer to schedule a 15-minute call to discuss details. No promises are made; we stress that the call is informal and designed to be mutually beneficial. Successful requests are placed on a digital calendar that automatically sends reminders. If we cannot reach the busy professional, we obtain an email address and send a follow-up note explaining the referral concept. It takes us an average of two hours of dialing and individually emailing to schedule one phone appointment for you.

I would like potential referral partners to know some specific information about my practice. May I request custom scripting for the outreach calls?

While our outreach team can modify the initial conversation based on your guidance, our baseline script is proven and highly effective, resulting in hundreds of warm calls between our subscribers and prospective referral partners.

How many referral partner appointments can I expect each month?

We set 1-2 telephone appointments each month for you. Assuming we receive timely approval of your prospect list, we will be able to set referral partner appointments during your first 30 days with the Referral System and every month thereafter. New prospect lists are generated each time a current list is exhausted.

What should I talk about during introductory calls with potential referral partners? I’m not sure what to do.

The first call with a potential referral partner is an opportunity to begin building a relationship that will eventually result in referrals to your firm. To begin, discuss who you are, how you help people, and your underlying practice philosophy. What marketing strategies are you utilizing and how are they working? What type of referrals are you looking for? Be sure to ask these same questions of the attorney or business professional to whom you are speaking; give prospective referral partners a chance to talk about their company history, vision, and goals. Next, think about ways in which you can help each other even if you do not immediately have referrals to trade. Perhaps you can have your Customer Success Manager brand some digital booklets for your prospective referral partner, for example. You could offer them a spotlight in your newsletter as a cross-promotional effort or trade flyers, business cards, and promotional packets. Finally, be sure to make a personal connection as much as possible. Ask your new partner what they like to do outside of the office, if they have any favorite places around town, et cetera. You may be surprised by the numerous professional opportunities that result when you genuinely take interest in building your referral partner relationships.

How can I nurture my referral partnerships?

It is absolutely critical that you continue to follow up with your new referral partners. A conversation started and immediately abandoned will not result in referrals to your firm, and you may burn through valuable referral contacts that could otherwise be beneficial. First, set aside time each month to reach out to your referral partners. These outreach efforts do not need to be intensive or overly time-consuming, but you need to show that you are invested in the relationship. A simple email or quick call to say hello and ask how things are going is a great start. Second, always look for ways that you can add value to the referral partnership. Even if you don’t have a referral to send right away, the Referral System is designed to assist you in building these relationships. Ask your Customer Success Manager for guidance; our team can provide specific ideas and materials that will both help you and save you time. Finally, consider inviting your partner to professional workshops or networking events they might find valuable, or simply ask them to meet you for coffee, lunch, or a drink after work. Consider your referral partners as friends and they will return the favor.

May I customize my bi-monthly newsletter?

We encourage our Referral System subscribers to take an active role in customizing newsletter issues. You may write articles, submit photos, spotlight your referral partners, and more. The front page of each issue is a perfect place to discuss things happening in your life or at your firm, all of which will help you connect to your client base. Have you gone on an interesting vacation and want to share some photos? Is there a new member of your staff you’d like to feature? Do you have some thoughts on a topical matter related to your legal specialty? All of these are worthy talking points. Your past clients will be more likely to read your newsletters–and refer their friends, family members, and coworkers to you– if you include personal touches in each issue.

Can you help me set up a postal mail campaign for my newsletter?

Keeping in touch with your past clients via postal mail is a good way to ensure high readership and stay top-of-mind. Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive, but they will nearly always open what they find in their physical mailboxes. We can configure a postal mail campaign with no additional work on your part. Additional print and postage costs apply.

Can you help me obtain online reviews and feedback from my past clients?

Yes. Today’s consumers expect to see substantial collections of positive reviews, and many will make their choices based on star ratings and volume. We offer an easy-to-use review template that will swiftly grow your review collection. It is also important to occasionally ask your past clients what they think of your service, for this is the surest way to improve your practice. We provide an annual survey template that generates confidential responses on what you do well and what you need to improve.